Sunday, March 27, 2011

SBC - New Tools For Wrecking Street: Feature Teaser

Taken from SBC...

Mar 25, 2010

Author: Nate Laverty

This winter had an air of change in it for a group of riders. No more would they spend countless hours combing back streets in their trucks. With the ability to locate new urban features via Googles Street View spots are now popping through the woodwork like hungry little termites. Drop in ramps are virtually a thing of the past with the induction of the Banshee bungee; Who needs a truck anymore when there's no bulky half-wood half-catastrophe unit of disaster to carry around? Grab some tie down straps, crank that generator onto the roof beside the snowboards, grab your Arri light kit and you are your boys are ready for some urban destruction. Times have changed and if you want to be competitive in the filming world, you have to keep up.

For this band of eager shredders, the idea was to choose a destination, scour street view for some goodies, put together a crew and head into the unknown. There is no description beside each spot on street view, no rider testimonial on some kind of pull down tab. This was a leap of faith at it's finest, trusting that what looked sick online, was truly sick in reality. Be sure to watch for the full feature story this season in Snowboard Canada where you can follow Steve Cartwright, Cory Gallon and Brody Pigeau as they battle security, bad weather, weak spots, sweet spots and hectic encounters. Enjoy the teaser...


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