Friday, March 6, 2009


Check out the hammers been thrown by our very own Hommies, SANIUK,GEEVES,JODY,GRIFF,and JAKE!!! This teaser looks sick....ENJOY :-)

Here is the first teaser for ‘Shine On’. This will be the 5th film
from Sandbox and we’ll release it in September 2009. We’ve had a crazy
season here in Whistler. A lot of bad snow and avalanche conditions
mixed with injuries and all sorts of bad luck have made this season a
challenging one for us. But we have a really great crew of riders and
filmers this year. We’ve been out exploring and shredding together and
that’s what it’s all about. We are going to have a bunch of videos up
on this year so stay tuned for more teasers and web vids
from Sandbox.

Enjoy the good times, forget the bad and Shine On.

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